WP1 – Project management

Work package leader: František Sehnal

WP1 is devoted mainly to three levels management infrastructure for project realization. Team leaders, Management Committee (MC) and the Steering Committee (SC). Team leaders (some of them also WP leaders) are experienced scientists and include M. Asahina, R. Čapková-Frydrychová, D. Doležel, A.S. Holzer, M. Jindra, M. Kotsyfakis, V. Košťál, A. Krejčí, J. Lukeš, J. Matoušek, M. Oborník, I. Šauman, A. Ziková and M. Žurovec. Project management includes Project coordinator – F. Sehnal and Project manager – V. Zázvorková.

Main tasks

T 1.1 Administration and logistics:

Project management is performed by management bodies that are closely described here. The Coordinator calls MC meetings and provide a link to the SC and the Advisory Board (see WP8). Daily project management is done by MC. Minutes from its meetings are distributed to all project participants. Evaluation of the preparatory work and of the plans for project realization was done at the kick-off SC meeting and evaluation of the project achievements are planned for the conclusive SC meeting (at least parts of the meetings will be open to all project participants). SC will follow project progress continuously using minutes from the MC meetings. The teams meet, separately or in any meaningful combinations, every fortnight to discuss project progress and, if needed, take corrective measures at their competence level. MC performance is controlled by SC.

T 1.2 Interim and final reports:

The interim and the final report on the project will be prepared by MC and approved by SC and the Advisory Board (see WP8). Records on project realization (documents in addition to the minutes of the MC and SC meetings) kept by the project manager will facilitate preparation of the reports. Financial aspects of the reports will be prepared jointly with BCAS accounting office and approved by an external auditor.

T 1.3 Communication with EC:

The co-ordinator and project manager maintain electronic communication with the project officer (including consultations, if needed). Information on the project progress is provided by the project manager in form of minutes from the MC meetings.

T 1.4 Surveillance of the research ethics:

The management includes mechanisms ensuring observance of legislation regulating the rearing and use of animals. Animals used as hosts of ticks will be kept in strict adherence to the Czech law 246/1992 Coll, which is consistent with EC regulations. Researchers with proper authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture oversee animal handling.

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