Abstract of project contents

Research performed in the Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences (BCAS) includes biomedical investigations on model invertebrates and plants in four major areas: Gene cascades in development regulation, Molecular mechanisms of biological clocks, Interactions between parasites - arthropod vectors – hosts, and Use of Arabidopsis as a model in targeted crop breeding. Fourteen teams conducting this research approach in productivity their peers in advanced EU countries but further increase of BCAS output is hindered by insufficient research infrastructure. Its improvement is the goal of MODBIOLIN project that promotes knowledge exchange with excellent EU researchers and institutions, supports equipment upgrading and recruitment of experienced researchers, fosters collaboration within EU, and encourages self-evaluation, protection of intellectual property and exploitation of innovative technologies. The acquisition of digital luminescent microscope with the aid of MODBIOLIN will greatly improve BCAS competitiveness in modern research. The consent of 9 outstanding EU scientists to serve on the Steering Committee of MODBIOLIN, and the partnering with 4 top research institutes from France, Germany and Great Britain, provide strong impetus to BCAS ambitions. The project has considerable socio-economic impact in the region of South Bohemia and promotes public awareness of the EC role in research support and of the importance of research for EU economics and welfare.

project in frame of 7th programme for research and technological development

Use of model organisms to resolve crucial biological problems on the path to innovations

EUBiology centre