Topics covered

Support is primarily provided to fourteen teams that work on the following problems:

  • Modulation of nuclear receptor function in cell signaling and organogenesis (team leader: M. Asahina, e-mail:
  • Regulation of telomeric length in insects (team leader: R. Čapková-Frydrychová, e-mail:
  • Interplay between cell signaling and metabolism in Drosophila melanogaster (team leader: A. Krejčí, e-mail:
  • Regulation of energy homeostasis in D. melanogaster (team leader: M. Žurovec, e-mail:
  • Flour beetle Tribolium castaneum as a model for development and reproduction (team leader: M. Jindra, e-mail:
  • Protein-protein interactions that drive circadian rhythms (team leader: D. Doležel, e-mail:
  • Seasonal timing of diapause in insects (team leader: V. Košťál, email:
  • The linden bug, Pyrrhocoris apterus - new model for circadian and photoperiodic studies (I. Šauman, email:
  • Trypanosoma brucei as a suitable model for mitochondrial research (team leader: J. Lukeš, e-mail:
  • Identification, validation and characterization of drug targets in medically important parasites Leishmania and Trypanosoma (team leader: A. Zíková, e-mail:
  • Chromera velia as a model to study evolution of parasitism in Apicomplexa (team leader: M. Oborník, e-mail:
  • The tick Ixodes ricinus as a model for basic and applied biomedical research (team leader: M. Kotsyfakis, e-mail:
  • Sphaerospora as a model for studying parasite transmission in aquatic systems (team leader: A.S. Holzer, e-mail:
  • Exploitation of Arabidopsis thaliana model to improve crop properties (team leader: J. Matoušek, e-mail:

project in frame of 7th programme for research and technological development

Use of model organisms to resolve crucial biological problems on the path to innovations

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